• Recognizing Top Contributors of CommunOT

    Let’s all take a second to celebrate our top contributors on AOTA CommunOT!

    If you scroll down on the homepage, you will see our “Top Contributors in Past 30 Days” highlighted. CommunOT members earn points by contributing, such as creating posts and replies, and sharing resources. We thank these top contributors for being an integral part of CommunOT.

    We will be highlighting our 8 top contributors on a 30-day rolling basis, and look forward to seeing more of you appear on the list!
  • Adding Pronouns to Discussion Signature

    Did you know you can add your pronouns into your discussion signature? To do so, go to your Profile -> My Account -> Discussion Signature. You can type the free text right in the default signature box. Please reach out to Jenna (Community Manager for AOTA CommunOT) at or via direct message here if you need assistance!